The healer and dreamtime

Also hiding in their shadow for most players is the healer or shaman. Shaman consciousness is related to your dreamtime self that has knowledge of the non-physical worlds and information on healing your physical body. Shamans travel non-physical realities associated with earth or other planets to find fractured pieces of self. This is called soul retrieval.

Each player in the game has such shaman-consciousness. This consciousness can help you reconnect to your own consciousness that vibrates in higher frequencies than your body and physical plane reality. Some players are totally separated from this dreamtime consciousness in themselves. The reason is that each player has to piece himself together so that enough integrity in their bodies is restored. This makes better internal connections to your own higher frequencies possible. Some players sense that they are quite busy during the night but really have no idea what they are doing.

About soul and divinity

Many players have romantic fantasies about how their soul consciousness loves them and longs to come and rescue them. Or they look for a saviour outside of themselves and may have found it in some religion or guru. Whatever script you attune to, you will tune into illusions until you experience the frustration of being misled or abandoned.

Since all lawless souls have failed to honour the physical by puppeting it from the non-physical instead of merging with it to experience it themselves, this game allows us to feel what it is like to have physicality cut off from soul consciousness. That is no fun, really. So you may also feel abandoned or betrayed by your own soul. Or you may even claim that no such thing as divine expression exists for you have not experienced any close contact for a long, long time.

Information stripping in the unconscious

Since the sorcerers and healers operate from the unconscious of all players as a group or collective, each player in this game is also an information stripper in the unconscious. This is hard to believe for some people. They claim they are harmless or innocent! Many players can feel others harm them. But they have no idea that they are also harmful to others.

Through the energy field of the collective of mankind, financial and religious or spiritual gurus operate. Often they too have no idea of the energy dynamics they are involved in. Shadows and darkness are pushed about endlessly among human individuals and groups.

Bridging the physical and the non-physical

As the game is played, most players operate from consciousness associated either with their physical world, or with their non-physical realities. The other worlds that they also exist in are mirrored back by the players around them.

Some players take their physical plane reality as their conscious living environment or home. Others may have trouble connecting to the physical plane and have the non-physical realities as their home.

All face the challenge of bridging the physical and non-physical planes of reality within and around themselves. Not an easy task, but due to the holographic nature of the game there are many ways to accomplish this.

True Colours

Life on Earth: Game of mirrors