Lost truth: muddy colours

All players have lost their truth, their own true colours.
When you set out to play this game, most of your colours are black, grey, brown, muddy, sticky. Your primary male colours and your pastel female colours look muddy, slimy, sticky or are not present at all. You may try to hide your darkness behind a false white light.

Scrambled information

As soon as a player retrieves some of his true colours, he may lose them again to a guru, friend, colleague or family member around him who are also searching for their truth. The powerful parts in the game are mostly corrupt and cheat, make copies and misuse their power unconsciously. Those who dress themselves in the colours of others may seem successful or happy from the outside in, but will be miserable within or live in a fantasy to keep them from feeling their pain.

The end result of this pattern is that most players in the game have much information in their energy systems that have little or nothing to do with their own truth.

False change

This copying and stealing of information and tones of others results in false change. In false change you allow yourself to be reprogrammed again and again, patching yourself up with the colours and truth of others. The next book, the next specialist, the next therapist, the next method, the next guru. None of this makes you more whole. It does not heal your fractured consciousness. In fact, the opposite occurs. You get stripped of what was left of your truth along the way.

This is how you can create the illusion for yourself that you develop, move on, make progress, while all you really do is move on to the next truth that does not belong to you. Giving away your own tones and colours time and again is part of this same process and it continues until you are too depleted to move on. This is the experience of physicality without its own source connection to guide it.

Both sides of you can begin to see the pattern. This is not going to get you where you want to go.

Neither the thief of tones of creation
nor the victim of theft gets what he is really after.
The sorcerer has lost his true colours too.
When a sorcerer part of you becomes aware of
both sides of the coin the game changes.

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