Each fractured bit of each player on each level of consciousness has an attitude towards its own shadow:

1. I am willing to look at my shadow or call it back
2. I pretend to be willing to look at it: I live in a fantasy
3. I run away from my own shadow
4. Denial: I have no shadow, all darkness belongs to others
5. Denial: Nobody has a shadow, we are all beings of the light
6. Not enough consciousness present

Your attitude towards the parasite related to beliefs and methods:

1. Kill the parasite: declare war on it till it goes extinct
2. Isolate the parasite: hunt down and imprison
3. Make it powerless so it can do no more harm
4. Reintegrate the parasite: reprogram it so it cannot harm anymore
5. They must be healed so they can be part of the whole again

The Rules of the Game

Life on Earth: Game of mirrors