You may follow yourself or you may follow a leader in each aspect of yourself. You could also be running soulless programmes like machines. You are your own collaboration and it is up to you as an individual and as a member of various groups to become aware of what is going on in there or not. You are the map maker of your own life, you decide which paths to follow, which relations you want, how to run your life, which programmes you want to dismantle and which ones you want to remain to make you feel safe.

The basic rule is that there are no rules that tell you which strategy or tactics to follow. But this is how the game functions:

1. All consciousness used in relation to physical actions based on consumption and competition will not make your consciousness expand. You will remain in your prison in this section of self.

2. Each thought form based on unity and the good of the whole will make a shadow part return to you so you may integrate it. If you recognize it you will move towards your truth.

Whether you usually look without and blame others or look within and blame yourself does not matter much. The main thing is that you begin to make repairs and keep your inner and outer worlds in balance.

Some people change a pattern because they reach out to someone and help them. In doing this they occupy themselves energetically with healing this pattern. If they are willing to see the same pattern within themselves, these will also heal. Others take on the blame for everything but do not change their patterns.

Retrieval of consciousness

The lower frequencies in the game are designed to have the players experience misuse of lawless energy flow and misuse of power. If they continue to misuse their power (and they can go on doing this forever if they insist) they will get filthy rich or lazy but not move up in vibration one bit.

In fact if you acquire certain levels of power and consciousness at the expense of the rest this is stamped a false ascension and you experience a serious drop in frequency to the lowest levels of the game.

The only way to move up in vibration as a single player, a group or the whole is to restore some of the consciousness you have taken from another part of self or another back to whoever you took it from. If you do this, you receive twice the amount back in return. But if you give something away in order to receive more back, you have not learned the lesson and nothing gets returned to you. Your motives and intentions have to be pure.

The shadow

Every player in the game has a huge unconscious. It contains all the lessons it has not learnt as an irresponsible creator and there are many. When the game starts, the players do not go look in there for this is why they are in this game to begin with. So instead of transmuting their own darkness into light and consciousness, they begin to push parts of their shadows to others. Shadows get pushed around all the time.

Manipulations: reverse polarization

The lawless ones in the game have once separated parts from the whole by isolating a part and inverting its energy flow upon itself. This way the flow gets turned inside out and no longer connects to the whole. This is called reverse polarization and it turns the truth of a system upside down or inside out.

Each and every manipulation within humans, between humans and all physical bodies on earth are possible through reverse polarization of a part of the natural energy flow.

To stop your manipulations to others and yourself, you must undo the many reverse polarizations on many intricate and complicated levels of vibration within your own energy system until you become harmless.

To feel is to know

Since you are in this game and since you are a lawless soul, you may understand this on a mental or mechanical level, but that will do you no good. For you have got to be able to feel which energy flows have become reverse polarized so you can correct the distortion, and you will do this by demechanizing your own heart as you play this game, step by step, level by level.

The mirror

The first lessons have to do with the discovery of your own unconscious. Until you discover it, all that happens around you stays outside of you as far as your consciousness is concerned. The mistakes and many manipulations are about other people who do not get it, while you are the victim. You continue to move through the game stripping others. You push parts of your unconscious and your sour tones of creation into the fields of other players in the game who will act this out for you. The whole game is designed to allow you to look at yourself through everyone around you.


If you stop taking from others through reverse polarization, you start a process of demechanization in which you and others open up and begin to expand their consciousness in joy. But the game is very complicated even though the basic rules are simple, for much energy flow is distorted on so many levels that you cannot expand much without hitting the next layers of reversed flow at once.

In order for others to open up their hearts to you, you will have to restore part of the consciousness you took from them. This is done by stopping your manipulations and honouring their situation, no matter what part of the game they are playing at this time instead of feeling terrorized by their mechanical parts. The terror of all players in this game is related to mechanization and their own unconscious. The cold blooded terrorist is the terror of our own unconscious that has harmed a lot.

Magic and wizards

Responsible creators are wizards who can do magic. They do not misuse their powers, but we are here in a game together because we have all misused power in many ways. There are more ways of misusing power than we can imagine. So let us keep this in mind as we play the game.

As soon as we notice lawless behaviour mirrored back to us, we can remember that it is part of our own shadows pushed into those around us that we are actually looking at. This whole planet reflects misuse of power which resulted in injustice, and we can only make corrections to this as a whole.

When you use your power well, you get more power restored to you. If you misuse it, you will lose it again. There is no limit to the number of chances you get, for the game is designed to keep you imprisoned until you finally learn to become harmless.

Mechanization (artificial intelligence) as the solution to all problems

What the lawless souls really did not understand is that further mechanization is not going to solve much. The growing mechanization of our surroundings is a clear mirror for those ready to read it. It shouts out to you: you are completely mechanized through your own unconscious and devoid of love! The world appears cold and heartless, trying to separate you further from each other. And indeed, that is exactly what it does unless you understand how to stop this.

The lawless souls tried to repair distortions by applying mechanized techniques to undo the damage instead of restoring consciousness to parts of self. The result was that they consumed all around them until they were surrounded by machines. They mechanized the land they lived on, the angels that spin the energy fields, the guardians that hold their boundaries, the bodies that move about in physicality, the elements that hold the boundaries together. In their state of mechanization they felt separated and blamed everyone.

The longing to go home and feel loved again increased. Their truth had become turned inside out so many times now that they began to lose faith and hope. Many souls began to cry out for love and demand the right to go home at once. Others believed they had been framed. They understood that further mechanization was not going to bring them home, but again failed to take responsibility for the mechanized mess they were in. In order to give them an opportunity to learn this lesson, special guru-scripts were designed for souls in the game to attune to.

Holographic Script: The Game of the Guru

Life on Earth: Game of mirrors