The planets in this game represent clusters of corrupt thought forms in need of repair.


This is the stage for this play, or the game board we all play on. All humans are invaders on this planet for a large variety of reasons. Earth as a consciousness has been misused so badly that she fell in vibration many times and must now go extinct altogether, or regain consciousness and begin to evolve.


Sirian consciousness is split in two. One light part wants to evolve, work hard together in unity, and let everyone make some contribution to the whole so all will thrive. The most wise will lead and show the way.

The dark part is ready to evolve at the expense of other parts and despairs at the grim darkness of its own shadow. So it decides again and again to split light and dark, to cut off parts of the whole that do not function well and must be left behind. This is the consciousness that wishes to rise in vibration quickly so it can leave its dirty shadow behind as soon as possible. False ascents are created time and again by this kind of consciousness.

Sirian seedings:
1. The Tibetans
2. The Inuit or Eskimo
3. The Africans
4. The North-American Indians
5. The South-American Indians
6. The Polynesians
7. The Aboriginals (Australia)


This is the consciousness that has survived for a long time without making much progress. It has lived in the third dimension for millions of years and manages to remain stable. This is the consciousness that will work on keeping the situation relatively stable and with as much harmony as is possible. No real evolution takes place, but the vibration does not really drop either.

A small group of humans in great discord were sent from the Pleiades to Earth and lived there, creating much more discord. They are called the Anu or Annanuki.

Are known are the Greek and Roman Gods. They are no myth, they were real humans, who managed to extend their lives by tapping into the life force of others. They anchored on earth the thought form of possession and consumption or living at the expense of another life form. This consciousness is related to imperialism.

Alpha Centauri

This is the consciousness that we would associate with cold-bloodedness and rigid family structures. You are taken care of so you will never starve, but you are not free to act or go as you please. Large powerful energy fields can be built by this consciousness that is related most to the DNA of people in the East.


Harsh magnetism really likes to think big. Wishes to orchestrate meetings with thousands, huge groups, cover the whole world, magnetises the power and life force of others to themselves.


Cold scientist, ready to clone and seed life. This is the consciousness that would interfere with nature all the time trying to create new balance by interfering without real insight into the situation. These scientists seeded our oceans with life which does not originate here at all. The coral reefs and colourful fish are no part of the original magnetic seeding of the earth. Many humans have karma for interfering with the natural energy flow on many levels and creating a large mess.


This is the consciousness that has balanced the inner male and female best, but is afraid to absorb any discord. So it will pass its shadow on, not in a panic, but freezing it and then giving it to others. Many people have shadows of others caught in their energy fields that is frozen and seemingly harmless.

The Unconscious

Life on Earth: Game of mirrors