One funny or painful thing about the unconscious or shadow is that you do not recognize it as yours. You believe it belongs to someone else.

People do not recognize their shadows.
Groups do not recognize their shadows.
Planetary consciousness does not recognize its shadows.

By calling back your own shadows and integrating them, each player becomes more aware of the unconscious and subconscious dynamics played out within himself and in the many mirrors that surround him.

The funny thing in this game is that most players are afraid of their own unconscious, the giant shadows that surround them. So as soon as a shadow part returns, they may fling it back into the energy systems of their family, friends, colleagues and supposed enemies.

The sorcerer or Master Manipulator in all of us usually operates from the unconscious or subconscious. He recognizes your own shadows and uses others around you to carry your darkness and shadows for you. This is how your shadows will manifest in the physical in those that surround you. This is how your own shadow is mirrored back to you in the life you lead.

If a black magician recognizes your shadows while you do not, this gives him power over you. This is how the masters of delusion can manipulate their victims through their unconscious.

Are you a victim trapped in here, blaming it all on those around you?
Or will you recognize your shadow, call it back and integrate it?
Are you ready to look in the mirror
and change the script for your life?

Enjoy yourself, laugh, cry and learn while playing the most complicated and serious game ever!

The Players in This Game

Life on Earth: Game of mirrors