Keys to the Game of Mirrors

A consensus reality game played on planet Earth

Once upon a time there were souls who began to create at the expense of others. Instead of building their own home or planet and living their own creation in the physical, they decided to stay up there in the non-physical and cheat. They set out by failing to honour the boundaries of other creators and stole their information. They took the holographic designs or blueprints for the planets and the bodies on the planet, and created living machines with hardly any consciousness so the creators would not have to do any of the hard work themselves.

The mess they created could not be understood at first. For it is impossible to mess up any creation if you as creator ensoul the bodies in it and can feel what is going on inside of yourself. If any part of you is in pain and you have all the information to correct this without hurting anybody else, why would you even consider taking something that does not belong to you? Only when you create machines without the capacity to feel and correct distortions, discernment also gets mechanized and life can be directed towards extinction instead of evolution. Once you have begun to mechanize parts of yourself, your ability to discern becomes more and more mechanized, until you begin to hurt others.

Many of the lawless souls were rounded up by the First Creator who tried to make them understand what they had done. They had separated life from conscious responsibility and created much harm. In fact, by acting outside of creational law they had created a huge unconscious or dark shadow that affected all other creations.

It turned out that these souls had no idea. Though they felt hollowed out inside, they were having a rather good time at their game of irresponsible creation without experiencing any of the laws of cause and effect. If a creation was blown to pieces, became boring or very distorted, they just moved on and started over somewhere else. They took the consciousness out of their creations and left living machines behind. Through the distortion these creations would quickly go extinct, for the life on it would begin to consume itself until nothing was left or a whole planet was blown up in a war.

How could such lawless souls be corrected? A long and serious energetic talk could not accomplish this and finally a school was created. Many holographic games were devised. Karmic boards mapped out the infractions of creational law and began to create holographic scripts in which all players involved could experience lessons in relation to physical creation.

Welcome to this school, dear player, for you are in it. Earth is your home and you will feel imprisoned upon her until you will take responsibility for your creations without allowing yourself to be hurt or hunted; and without hurting or hunting anyone else.

You are playing the GAME OF MIRRORS.

The Purpose of the Game of Mirrors

Life on Earth: Game of mirrors