is to retrieve your own true colours without cheating

The thoughtform of cheating

Since all creators in this school have cheated, this is a thought form that pervades all of their creations. It pervades all of earth. Let someone else do the work, let a machine do the work, let the government or community provide for me. Or I will work, work hard even, but refuse to see anything or see my own shadow. Or I feel the pain, but I will focus on others or on fantasies where all seems well, so I need not see what is really very wrong with my creation. I may choose to escape all responsibility and stay right where I am. No evolution for me! Or I choose to expand and grow by manipulating again, copying and pasting and stripping information and consciousness of those around me so I can force development at the expense of others.

Three levels of of cheating

Since creators have cheated by keeping their creator consciousness separated from physical bodies, this caused a split in consciousness that allowed all life on the physical planes to be abused. This is mirrored to all around us, on all levels of creator consciousness.

I can abuse my own body on an individual level or allow it to be abused, because I refuse to feel.
We can exploit other people or animals as living batteries to supply our organization or business or nation with energy and information on a group level, or allow ourselves as groups to be exploited.
We as the human species rape and consume all of earth on a planetary level or earth allows this.

All creation is based on thought form

In our physical life in the third dimension we may not be able to retain enough consciousness. You need consciousness to know your boundaries and those of others, to monitor them and work with your own colours. When you lose consciousness, your body may drop in vibration and enter a blank state of being that is second dimensional. Here the thought form of cheating translates into mechanized competition and consumption. We are quite familiar with this survival of the fittest paradigm based on pyramidal organizational structures in both family and business relations.

Parasitic consciousness that simply consumes or kills without consideration for anything else, like a caterpillar munching away at green leaves without consideration for the plant or flower, operates in the second dimension. Most players in this game are afraid of this part of self, for they have pushed it into their unconscious. But the terrorists and viruses both in physical bodies and computers mirror their presence back to us. The parasite within and without is present and part of this game, whether we like it or not!

On a more subtle level which is unconscious or subconscious for most players on the game board, parasites are puppeted by the black magician in us. He orders the elements about to gain more power, to protect himself, or to extend his life. The result of his actions are not evolution or development of a consensus. We call it mechanized evolution. The black magician has lost his heart and his power to really feel.

The black magician in our unconscious

All players are divided within themselves. Some parts want to improve their life by cheating, because they still refuse to really feel. Other parts may feel, but lose all their power to the magician. Or they give all their power away so that they do not have to face their own shadows. The end result for most is that our unconscious ends up with the most power. This is how players are usually puppeted on the physical plane, or puppeting other people from their own unconscious. How long will this go on?

The projection of veils

The black magician uses spells cast from your own shadow to steal the life force, colours and truth of others. In this game it is possible to patch yourself up with stolen truth or glitter and glamour from the outside in.

The Master Manipulator projects veils of illusion. He misuses the mirrors. He masters and misuses holographic projection techniques. Representation of the truth of another is then called presentation of your own truth. When the Master Manipulator gives direction to our lives from the unconscious and subconscious, our truth is turned upside down. We put on masks and in time forget they are masks.

As you play this game called life on earth, you will learn to recognize the master manipulator in yourself and in other people. Most players know that he exists in others; will we recognize him inside of ourselves too? We use the magician-s sleight of hand to hide our own addictions from us, or to avoid confrontations. We can choose to expose ourselves as cheaters or allow the cheating to continue.

A consensus reality game

This game on earth was holographically designed as a consensus reality game. If enough parts of one individual, group or planet agree that something is true, a belief becomes a fact or consensus reality. As the consensus adopts certain colours or tones of creation as a reality or fact, and feeds it through continued focus and attention, it will come alive around your physical bodies. Even very distorted tones of creation can be presented as pure truth in this way. This is how something black may appear white or coloured on the game board. Again this applies to all levels of consciousness, individual, group and planetary.

Truth and your DNA

If you no longer agree to embrace something as your truth or a fact, you can reject it. By rejecting the truth of another in full, it will no longer manifest in your life. But if you reject your own shadow, it will continue to manifest in the many mirrors that surround you.

Information that resonates with you on a cellular or DNA level will stick to you. You recognize it as your truth. Even if the colour is muddy or dark, if it is your own you will be happy to have found it. You enjoy working with it. This is how you integrate your own shadows as they return to you.

But let us not forget the magician operating from your own unconscious. For when he begins to project veils of illusion, operating from an individual, group or planetary level, tones or colours that belong to the truth of another will look extremely appealing. But as soon as you begin to work with these tones and colours, you will feel disappointed or betrayed. This is not your truth! All the truths of others will actually remove you further from your own truth and confuse you. In the confusion, you can get stripped of your information and consciousness. When this happens you may not even remember that you have lost anything that belongs to you.

Beliefs and truth

Life on Earth: Game of mirrors