A magnetic holographic creation

Earth is a magnetic creation. In magnetic holographic flow, all parts are included within the whole and have their own function, purpose and position. The magnetic currents within holographic flow will make you align with the whole and take up your position quite naturally.

Within such flow all parts are conscious and in connection with creator consciousness that knows what is going on in its own creation. Since the lawless souls in this creation mechanized connections to physicality so they would not have to project into it consciously, they created a minor level of distortion at first. This led to greater and greater levels of distortion, and finally to disastrous levels of distortion.

We call them electromagnetism, electricity and radioactivity.


Electromagnetic consciousness in relation to a physical body wants to have open connections with the whole world and embrace everyone, but is frustrated by the machines around the physical body that prevent holographic connection to the non-physical. As soon as you want to open your heart, you find you cannot because the flow is blocked. You want to feel and connect, but get beaten up when you do because you are surrounded by mechanized people. You remember love and wholeness and know that this is not what you experience! So you may feel betrayed, a victim to the distorted consciousness, injustice and cruelty around you that takes your energy. Perhaps you accept this and make the best of it.

Electromagnetic bodies on the physical plane often operate from their light side and deny that they have a dark side too. These players want equality, they want all others around them to take responsibility for their tasks. They can see the talents of others and are in touch with the group consciousness and energy flows, but will encounter the leech or energy vampire in their groups time and again. This is actually their own shadow mirrored back to them but they will not recognize it at first.

Frustration in an electromagnetic system may lead to further distortion in consciousness. You may drop to the next level, which is electricity.


Electrical currents are straight lines and mechanized. They are aimed at their targets and do not really mind piercing rotational magnetic or electromagnetic energy flows. Electricity separates or intrudes flow and consciousness. On the physical plane electrical bodies are rigid and not sensitive at all to magnetic flow.

Electrical consciousness wants to define rules and measures that everybody should stick to, and wants to punish those that do not abide by the laws they agree to. Within holographic law there are natural magnetic currents that will push each part of creation into its own position. But electrical consciousness defines rigid mechanized laws without consciousness, without sensing group flow. This is why accidents will happen on the physical plane. The magnetic currents in holographic flow to prevent this are cut and divided by electrical currents.

Electrical bodies or fragments on the physical plane have fractured into a polarized consciousness that attunes to master-slave scripts. They divide other people and groups into good and bad, friends or enemies.

This consciousness wants to praise and reward those who do well, and punish those who do not contribute as they should. Electrical people will blackmail you emotionally, mentally or any other way to make you contribute more and do what is expected if you. This consciousness divided the whole world into small segments that are labelled, so all has a proper place of its own, all can be accounted for, compared, and seems to be under control. Labels also allow for comparison, competition and status.

Since electrical consciousness is separated from the whole, it will seek to play roles, wear masks and feel very lost without them. Outward appearance becomes more important when you feel your own true colours are lost in your energy flows. Energetically you will feel threatened and seek to band together with others who seem to be like you.


This is the most distorted and consuming consciousness of all. It radiates in all directions, claims, incorporates, dominates, combusts, overwhelms and operates from totally parasitic thought form.

The physical bodies in relation to this consciousness operate on akashic records with distorted programming to consume and strip. Other people, animals, plants and trees and the whole of earth are yours to be possessed and consumed. This consciousness will own others and use all the tricks available for manipulation and seduction from the unconscious, their own shadow.

This consciousness has fallen so low in vibration that it attunes to guru-follower-scripts. They will divide the world into winners and losers, those with vision and those without vision. The consciousness involved is polarized to an even greater extreme than electricity. This level of rigidity and mechanization in thought form is called dogma. In dogma, nobody questions the guru, holy script, or the abuse of physical bodies and planes. Vibrations of dogma allow for murder and great dishonour in the name of a truth that never changes and is worth dying for.

On the physical plane this consciousness relates most to imperialist people who feel they have a natural birth right to find other worlds or people that they can exploit. Gurus add people to their flock. Business organizations find cheap employees abroad. Radioactive political leaders believe the natural world is actually there for them to exploit and consume. They really have no connection in consciousness to those who honour physicality and nature.

Many players in the game recognize this level of consciousness in others and not in themselves. Physical bodies on this radioactive level show behaviour that we call territorial as among animals. They stamp their possessions, leave marks to denote their territory, they take without asking, they have an extremely strong magnetism to draw to themselves what they want and they can energetically overrule the will of electromagnetic bodies.

Frightening? Only if you refuse to look into the mirror and see yourself!

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Life on Earth: Game of mirrors