Rainbows and truth

The purpose of playing this game together consciously is to recognize our own thought form of competition and consumption and choose to transmute it together within ourselves.

Most players will fall into their old habits: they will try to compose their rainbows of tones of creation by cheating. They will magnetize the colours of others into their own field to look beautiful and light. This is copying or borrowing the truth of another.


Trying to beat other spiritual or religious groups or business organizations is what our ancestors once did. They flung their own shadows at each other and created war among themselves in which many people were killed. These wars have not stopped today. The result is that you will consume yourself from the outside in in the end. This is happening around us today and if we do not stop this process, we will simply consume ourselves.

Two rainbows

Unity consciousness and true colours will naturally seek alignment with the whole. Your male rainbow is made of beautiful primary colours; your female rainbow of soft pastel colours.

Primary colours: the male rainbow

The male rainbow in primary colours is also known as the male principle in metaphysical philosophy. Male colours vibrate one octave below the female rainbow, but that does not make them less important. Each player or group needs to learn how to use his primary colours to build his own sovereign energy field and hold boundaries.

The male rainbow is related to short term vision, individuality and a more mental approach to life. Without clear primary colours you cannot create any boundaries and useful structures on the physical plane.

Pastel colours: the female rainbow

The female rainbow in soft pastel colours is higher in frequency than the male. But these pastel colours are based on the male tones and will not be present as your own true colours if your female side secretly or openly despises the male. The female tones are related to long term vision or clairvoyance, a more emotional approach to life and sensing group energy dynamics and flow, both on an individual, group or planetary level.

You cannot create pink if you are afraid of your own anger or red tone.
You cannot create the peach tone if your orange tone is missing.

Invitation to dance together

The split consciousness that we have as players on the game board includes the male and the female. They have hurt each other and often failed to recognize the other-s capabilities. Even when they try to love each other, they often end up hurting each other.

The main reason for this is that our rainbows have so many gaps and shadows that they will misunderstand each other more often than read the other-s tones. If both sides realized how many tones in their own rainbows are missing, they would focus on repairing their rainbows without dumping their shadows elsewhere. If you could do this in collaboration as part of the same whole striving for alignment in unity consciousness, then this process will go fast.

Strategy and tactics

Each player will encounter male-female issues time and again. Nobody forces you to deal with them, for this is how the game is designed. You can refuse to deal with these issues but that will result in more discord and an even larger shadow or unconscious.

If you want to be all male you can hold your boundaries all right but you are not going anywhere.
If you want to be all female you can see all kinds of things but have no practical use for them for you cannot put them into practice and manifest them on the physical plane, until you develop a working relationship with the male, within and without.
If both your male and female tones are overrun by shadow consciousness you will not be able to manifest anything or get by on the physical plane.


You are stuck in here until you begin to change your patterning. But on the other hand, there are loads and loads of choices to be made to change your thought forms and repair your rainbows.

Any piece of your rainbow or truth that you retrieve results in pain and joy. That is because shadows are stuck and you will feel the pain that was stuck there. But your own truth moves and evolves. This process results in the experience of freedom including your responsibilities that you have never known before!

Rainbow building without cheating

If you take at the expense of other players, you create a rainbow of colours that are not your own. The result is that you will focus on these bright and colourful parts of self, while your shadow remains hidden or has become the enemy without who is out to get you.

This split into a light and dark part is called a false ascension. You seem to move up in vibration and push your own light side up in vibration, but the shadow you leave behind will come after you whether you like it or not, whether you will recognize it as a part of yourself or not.

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