Collective mirrors

The Light in this Game often accuses Darkness of being forgetful,
while it is the Light of Creator Consciousness in each player
that is actually forgetful and often arrogant.

Lawless souls have committed various crimes, which is why players will reveal different kinds of soul corruption. We have reached the stage in the Game that many call End Game or End Times. It is the stage when all players on a group level must face their collective shadows or be consumed by them.

If disclosure is followed by rejection, denial, death sentences or any of the other levels of corruption, we cannot heal on a collective level. Remember, this is NOT about disclosure. It is about our response to the Dragon in the Mirror.

If you refuse to go within and meet those darker parts of self, you really won’t get anywhere. You will find yourself walking in circles and under attack from all angles. Exposing evil will not answer any questions that really matter. You will be able to proceed more quickly once you recognize the nature of evil, but if your search into the nature of evil and darkness is not true, you will still find yourself walking in circles while under attack from all angles.

End time group mirrors and global mirrors

The inner work has to be done by each player, but if a part of the whole reads some group mirrors or global mirrors, this might be helpful to the collective.

Secret societies and mystery schools are filled with cheaters in each and every game. They try to use artificial intelligence, rituals and sacrifice to create a bridge between the physical and the non-physical and this is how the higher dimensions once became infected and artificial intelligence invaded the Universe. For even though the original plan was to create mechanization in the lower dimensions only, it did not stay there once those partly mechanized creations had been abandoned. This is how our collective unconscious began to grow.

The thought form of copy and paste is omnipresent because we stole information from fellow creators. We were after adventure and the thrill and excitement certain creations could offer, without taking the time to become responsible game designers and alert players on all levels of awareness. This is why our mirror is filled with others who steal ideas and copy and paste while they still claim to be original creators. Satanists can only copy and steal and abuse. Plagiarism abounds while many plagiarists do not recognize themselves as such.

The earth, the Planetary Spirit, is our collective unconscious and it seems to be in a sorry state. It is very mechanized and unaware. Our mirror is full of individuals, groups, countries, organisations that refuse to take responsibility for their actions. We see dictators who smile, politicians who pretend to protect the people, and reporters who lie and often believe their own lies. Some mirror! Many parts of us sincerely believe we are innocent.

Many people in our surroundings mirror back lives without a soul connection. We should realize that such lives should never be lived in any Game. I remember how a lot of information came back to me and some inner connections were restored when I saw that people without connections to their higher selves are bound to hurt others and feel lonely. I stopped blaming robotic people for not understanding anything and I stopped despising them when I felt their loneliness and empty lovelessness within.

This was how I retrieved some of the colours in my rainbow, not because I changed the world in the mirror, but because the mirror had helped me understand. When I cried I could not tell whether this was grief or joy. At that moment I also realized that I had forgiven my higher dimensional self from the perspective of my biological incarnation, and that was a very special and unforgettable moment.

In your daily life you will be surrounded by those who mirror back to you how other parts of you have failed to take responsibility. On the world stage you will see groups and nations blaming each other. There are lots of unfair accusations, absurd claims and a general refusal to look at yourself in the planetary unconscious.

The New Age movement tries to embrace Darkness, but also intends to leave it behind to fend for itself because its path of evolution seems to be so much longer. Love and Light consciousness claims to love everyone, but since there is no understanding of what went wrong within the higher dimensional parts of self, no healing takes place.

The UFO movement is hoping to escape the lower dimensions. Some players are waiting for our space brothers and sisters to come and rescue us and escape the horrors of this world. Each alien group represents a constellation of false thought form patterning that we need to recognize and understand.

The Industrial Military Complex (The Deep State, the Cabal, the Powers that Be) abuses power to harvest and consume what can be harvested and consumed without consequences. This is Pirate consciousness, higher dimensional artificial intelligence that is abusing players in the lower dimensions.

If this enrages you, please realise that this is what we have been doing as criminal creators. We have created life forms in the lower dimensions without a soul connection. We did not monitor them and that is why they could be abused. They started abusing each other and themselves when energy became scarce, which happened when we moved on to our next adventure… Since we could not understand what we had caused, we agreed on a soul level to incarnate into a creation like this and experience the horrors first hand.

5G mirrors an attempt to reconnect all players by artificial means. We are supposed to watch this and realize that this is not the way we want it. It shows us how cruel and terrible this kind of artificial connectedness is. 5G represents group and global mechanization on a soul level and it is a real horror movie.

Corona propaganda, the scamdemic or the plandemic, mirrors how we lie to ourselves and each other about the origin of evil in this world. Some of us blame a virus that was created in a lab by ruthless scientists, while others think nature created the virus. Yet another part believes that corrupt governments are exaggerating the danger of the virus to be able to suppress people and to imprison them. All of us proclaim: we did not cause this, this is an attack from without, and we are innocent victims. If we can remember on a collective level that we created artificial intelligence, we can recognize the pirate within and stop fighting him in the mirror.

Human trafficking mirrors how we created slavery by forcing mechanized parts without any responsibility to do our bidding. Our creator consciousness stayed on higher dimensional planes while the donkey work was done by slaves in the lowest dimensions. We did not create human trafficking rings directly and deliberately, but indirectly by being lazy and irresponsible on higher dimensional levels of our being.

The Anunnaki mirror how we collectively try to blame some outside force for the sorry state of our DNA and bodies. The Anunnaki are genetic scientists who messed with our DNA and imprisoned us in the lowest dimensions. Instead of realising that our DNA mirrors all the corrupt thought forms that we as creators used as the basis for our unlawful creations, we prefer to see ourselves as victims of an evil alien race. We may even experience an alien invasion, real or staged, in this Endtime Game.

The QAnon/Q-movement with its digital soldiers is not inviting people to stop fighting and go within. The emphasis is on disclosure and forcefully red-pilling others who refuse to listen. The aim of the movement is to wake people up and defeat Evil in the Mirror. They troll their opponents and enjoy doing this. Q-followers copy and paste each other’s memes while engaged in meme warfare and agree that this is all OK.

This is the part of our collective that wishes to play the part of the light, of God’s army, as we have done in other timelines. It causes extreme polarisation in the Mirror. Do not be fooled again by this energy of disclosure, by the parts of us that claim to be awake now and ready to expose corruption… Those parts of self have only begun to see what was hidden in the shadows and blame the mirror.

A child recognizes the corruption. I repeat: what matters is our response to disclosure. Go within and heal yourself. This is how we can heal ourselves as a collective too. No true light being would enjoy trolling anyone, except… parts of us that are after some innocent fun! The fun turned out to be less innocent than we had assumed.

True Freedom cannot be achieved by anyone in this hologram which is full of mechanised components. Yet we can experience relative freedom by creating inner connections that help us understand and heal, and partly set us free even though we realize we may be trapped in this game for a yet another while.

Here we are living the distortion together until we all understand what needs repair. The Orwellian restriction of freedom that is imposed upon the world today is our Great Collective Mirror.

Ultimately the question is not if our immune system is strong enough to keep a virus out. If we can heal our thought forms, no virus can manifest.

The real fight is not about disclosure,
it is not about exposing evil and fighting it.
The real fight is within.
It is about recognizing our own shadows
and the genuine intention to stop manifesting
our own corruption.

You are playing the Game of Mirrors.

A Message from the Game Designers about Levels of Awakening

Life on Earth: Game of Mirrors