A message from the Game Designers
about levels of awakening

You have been here before, at this exact point in other versions of other End Games. There are more levels of awakening than you can possibly image from your vantage point in this specific incarnation. You have agreed to come here to challenge, test and repair your integrity.

The lack of integrity of your physical incarnation was caused on a non-physical level by your creator part of self. This Game is about the rehabilitation of what many call their interdimensional self, multidimensional self, or higher self. To reach this goal you must build a bridge between your biological incarnation and your higher self.

Level 1 Meet Darkness

Your incarnated part encounters Evil and Corruption in this Game and begins to experience its power. Evil has an unfair advantage in this hologram. Why are dark forces as powerful as they are here in this apparent nightmare creation? What is their origin? These questions matter.

Level 1 Game traps

Game traps on several levels can arrest your progress.

Trap 1
You stop wondering about the origin of evil. You live your life and make the best of it. You immerse yourself in your incarnation and stop moving in the Game.

Trap 2
You recognize higher parts of self and the unseen realms while you position your incarnational self as insignificant and humble. If you obey higher, non-physical powerful forces that you project outside of your own being, you will not be able to move to the next level. Blind obedience to God, Gods, Angels, higher entities, or aliens will keep you trapped on this first level of awareness.

Trap 3
Spiritual arrogance is another trap. You believe you already have all the information you need.

Level 2 Investigate Darkness

When you begin to understand that research into the origin of evil is important to your spiritual path, you wake up to the second level of awakening. If a tragedy befalls you, you could also begin to investigate the nature of Darkness.

At this point, non-physical parts of you will usually try to contact your incarnational 3D-self. While you were in level 1, you did not understand these communications or you ignored them. If you are brave enough now to strengthen those inner connections, you can receive information on the true nature of this Game and on the true nature of Darkness.

Whenever you process information in the mirror, you won’t get anywhere without trustworthy inner guidance.

Level 2 Game Traps

If you remain a victim or are afraid, this will stop your progress. If you are impatient or careless you may find yourself connected to too many parts of self or others too quickly. This may result in an information overload. Without a clear purpose or when you cheat you can destabilize your incarnational self. You might even end up in a mental institution.

Who is manipulating you? Instead of trying to investigate the origin of Darkness, you could begin to figure out information on the nature of this game. You can make it your goal to expose the nature of this hologram and its horrible Controllers lurking in the Shadows.

If you do not remember that you agreed to come here to have your integrity and true intentions tested, you may conclude that you are a prisoner of a Dark and Evil force that is keeping you here against your will and has lured you into his Creation. Exposing the Matrix and the Mechanical Interdimensional Manipulators to yourself or to others around you may now become your goal, instead of investigating the origin of Evil within yourself.

All players recognise the Shadows in the Mirror before they recognise the shadows within. As long as you cannot acknowledge your own connection to the Demiurge, you will be fighting an opponent without, a shadow on the wall of the cave, a reflection in the Mirror. You will put the blame for your predicament on parasitic forces outside of you, and while you do this you will remain stuck in level 2.

Love and Lighters may connect to and identify with higher non-physical levels of creation that many call the Christ Consciousness level. This is the uncorrupted level of the responsible creator. Some players remember the experience of life in wonderful holograms (without any artificial intelligence) in which no player can come to any harm. The trap is that you wish to immediately return to this level of awareness by leaving all your shadows behind.

Spiritual arrogance remains a trap. If you become arrogant because your incarnation has been able to move farther in the game than many who surround you, this will also keep you trapped on level 2. It might even throw you back to the first level. This game can be ruthless!

Level 3 Understanding Evil and the Mirror

Once you realise that you have a direct connection with all the shadows in this creation, and with all the other players in this Game, you can begin to understand and read mirrors. That is a complete game changer, a paradigm shift. After reading the Mirror without, you will begin to fathom the corruption within.

Finding corruption within yourself is one of the goals of this game. This is not an easy process. The Mirror is filled with terrifying, pushing and pulling energies and powerful forces that are ignoring creational law. This causes obvious injustice, so much in-your-face corruption, so much inversion and upside down truths! You are here in a body that can experience all this first hand. Will you fully wake up to the truth that you are the co-creator of these unbalanced energies in the Mirror?

Inner work, both individual and collective, will change the Mirror. This involves the recognition and transmutation of corrupt thought form patterning. First in the Mirror, then within your being.

Level 3 Game Traps

Whenever your incarnation is in the process of building a bridge to your own higher self, your everyday life becomes an adventure. Patterns that were invisible before now become obvious. Suddenly you will receive unexpected answers to questions that used to remain unanswered. You will receive answers to questions that you asked years, maybe even decades ago!

Much of the information may seem extremely interesting and worth your attention, such as information on past lives, on ancestors, aliens, angels, entities in other fields of reality, and the Game settings. If you do not keep your goal in mind, you may get lost along the way once more.

You will encounter corrupt parts of self within your own energy field. You can help such corrupt non-physical parts see the truth about mechanized awareness from your physical perspective, but only if you realise that your biological level of existence is NOT insignificant. Yes, it is mechanised in this Game, but only to show you what must change. You cannot force a corrupt part of self to see your light of truth, but if you can hold your ground seemingly against all odds, your light will shine through in the end.

It can be done. Let us support game players who are struggling, no matter on what level of awareness. If we have to convince an arrogant Angel within our own being, or an arrogant Black Magician, then we will do it. Our biological incarnations are the often unsuspected heroes in this epic tale of Humanity.

6 December 2020
You are playing the Game of Mirrors.

Life on Earth: Game of Mirrors