The Blame Game

The corruption of this world is within US,
in higher dimensional parts of self.

It is entirely possible that you, upon entering the game, realized at once that something is terribly wrong with this creation. Perhaps that is why babies cry the way they do. And if something is terribly wrong with a creation, there is always a level at which a creator or group of creators (game designers) can be held responsible.

Since you are a cheater just like me and everybody else, you began to blame others. You are here because you run away from responsibility and your companions on the road of life in this game share this trait with you. This is the time to re-evaluate the words we are all one. Yes, we are all one in this game, but not in the sense love and lighters use this sentence. We are lazy cheaters who have turned our backs on creations that went wrong, because we allowed parts of those creations to become mechanized. We simply left them behind and allowed the remaining life in it to consume each other and itself, which resulted in the creation of the Great Dragon. This is what we are here to understand: the consequences of our actions.

During your incarnations you may feel incomplete and you should act upon that. If you think you are looking for a soulmate in life to complete you, you are on the wrong track and will be disappointed again and again. You are looking for other parts of self, other fragments of YOU, and you cannot hire a good shaman to find them for you, or let someone else provide what you cannot find within. You will have to do this yourself.

The game allows you to follow a leader instead and find nothing but corruption and absence of a lot of things, such as love, trust, true understanding and communication. The game also allows you to stay exactly where you are and give away your power, while your fears grow and you may feel abandoned.

This is not about biting the dust or saying how very sorry you are. This is about opening your eyes and seeing yourself connected to all those parts of who you are and who we all are throughout all dimensional fields in this game. And if you feel those connections are weak or absent, you should work on the creation of that bridge between physical and non-physical dimensions within yourself.

The idea is to piece yourself together, to connect and reunite. Each part of self holds responsibility for its own part of creation. When a connection has been established to non-physical parts of self, the main focus of your third dimensional incarnation should still be on what is happening in the third dimension.

You are not here to leave your biological body behind and ascend to the fifth dimension. If you do that, you will again have failed to honour the physical and you will bring your inner Creator’s corruption and lack of responsibility straight back when this game ends. You will read the books of your lives or incarnations on all levels and realize that you have not found your ticket home yet.

The main mistake we make as lazy irresponsible creators is that the most important thing here is not about recognizing the intense corruption. A child can see it. Corruption always unmistakably emerges in the last phase of each Game in such a way that you cannot ignore it even if you tried. What really matters is our response to Darkness and our willingness to investigate it, to understand it, and realise how it came into existence. This is how we can heal those corrupt thought forms within.

If we have the courage to recognize the parasite within and look him straight in the eye, we should understand that we are not here to collectively fight it or kill it or isolate it. If we can connect to our higher dimensional selves and stop disrespecting the lowest dimensions, then we can heal our thought forms as creators. That is how we can end corruption, evil, viruses and parasites without. We will no longer manifest them. We will be responsible creators who won’t try to move on when things go wrong.

If we start fighting each other again, which we have done many times before in many other versions of this Game, we will meet again in another Game in another Era for another chance to realize that the big Dragon we are fighting here is our own creation.

We are not here to embrace, heal or forgive
the Evil in the Mirror that surrounds us,
but to understand how it came into existence.
We created it, although we could not have foreseen
how it would grow out of proportion.
Then, hopefully, we can find it in our hearts
to forgive ourselves.

You are playing the GAME OF MIRRORS.

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