Same scripts, many dramas and plays

Various groups feature in different plays on planet earth related to the same scripts. The whole game is holographic and was devised to teach the players about various aspects of dissonant energy flow. Remember that the creators in the game decided not to experience their own creations. Now they will feel and see how everyone begins to consume each other or becomes violent in dissonant energy flow.

The same scripts can be played out in a religious or spiritual organization, in the world of banks and business with its financial gurus, in private families, in the media or world of sports with its own stars.

What will your next move be?

You will have to orchestrate or reorganize yourself. You are the director of your own choir and play and yes, some of the singers and players you would prefer to cast out and never give another thought.

You are in charge. How are you going to play this game? You decide whom you want to connect to, learn from, or stay away from. You decide if you will go look for your own shadow or disown it whenever it is mirrored to you.

The retrieval of your own colours is a private search. It is all up to you!

Thought form transmutation

The funny or frustrating thing about this game called your life on earth is that you may receive the information on what you are here to learn, and even understand that. But that in itself will not transmute your thought forms of competition and consumption.

When you begin to play, you will bump into each ancestral pattern you are here to transmute. You can deny them and hide them to appear more light and colourful. Many of your ancestors who made mistakes in their lifetimes are here to assist you now in changing your strategies on a planetary level. This accounts for the many deja-vu experiences you will encounter. Did this not happen before? Yes it did!

About the energy dynamics on earth

Life on Earth: Game of mirrors