All players in the game called life on earth without exceptions are lawless souls that have begun to cheat the moment they entered the game. The whole game is about you. Can you learn to understand why lawless behaviour will cut you off from the whole and yourself and create much harm?

You are sent into this game with your consciousness fractured to pieces. For that is the only way to force you to piece yourself together in the end.

All parts of you fall into 3 categories:

1. Some parts, upon entering the game, cheated by giving all their power away and feeling a victim, so they could not misuse their power anymore. They have opened their hearts and are the emotional and sensitive fractions. They feel homeless and abandoned and may experience trauma or drama, or shame and guilt on various levels.

2. Other parts cheated by misusing their power and are now rich and successful. They have strong mental capabilities and know how to manifest on the physical plane. They may or may not long for love, depending on their level of mechanization. If their heart is closed and their level of consciousness drops too low, they become very harmful without even knowing it.

3. Yet other parts retain some power and do not close their heart completely, so that they do not evolve and also do not get hurt much by playing the game. But the masks and fantasies drain their energy slowly so they too get hollowed out in the end.


Abuse of Power

If you use your power to manipulate others, you may get rich or powerful on the physical or the non-physical plane. The great magicians operating from the 4th dimension prefer to remain as invisible as possible on the physical plane. They carefully select puppets to work with those who want to become rich and successful. If you get more consciousness you will use it to become more harmful and take power and information from other players.

Fear of power

If you do not want to confront yourself with your problems, you also do not want any responsibility. You prefer to stay safe in the position you have and work as a slave or worker bee or in the background, remaining where you are.

If you have enough consciousness you can see through the veils of illusion and read hidden agendas, but you will only make jokes about this without taking any action to change your position.

Collecting Shadows

But choosing a position in the bottom of most pyramids, implies that others can push their shadows and discord into your energy systems. You are now in danger of becoming a collector of shadows which may cause you to lose even more tones of creation.


You are a composite

Each player on an individual level is a composite of fractured pieces of consciousness related to different parts of self. Most players recognize their emotions and reason or mental capabilities. Many realize that their thoughts and emotions are the result of education in the family, school, or of cultural or religious programming. The patterns we are all dealing with are primarily ancestral. This means they have run in families or countries among people and groups for ages.

Who runs your life?

How have you allowed your life to be run until now? When you become aware of more parts of self you can begin to consciously include them in your process of decision making. Each part of you represents a source of information that you can work with in daily life. Of course you can also choose to ignore them or even refuse to acknowledge them as part of you.

Fractured parts of you

Each player must retrieve, heal and reconnect all of the following fractured parts of self.

Physical planes (3rd and 4th dimension)
o Physical body
o Etheric body (includes past ancestral lives)

Non-physical planes (4th dimension and up)
o Emotional body
o Mental body
o Intuitive body
o Creative body
o Dreamtime self (includes present parallel lives)
o Planetary self
o Multidimensional self

Separate consciousness

Many will discover that they have no conscious relationship with many parts of self. You may also learn that parts of you have begun to lead a separate life with their own interests and agendas. Some may be in alignment with evolution and take responsibility, some are actually killing you through addictions, or because they bargain away the most vital information that you need to become whole, to physical or non-physical forces.

Non-physical bodies

The four non-physical bodies are emotional, mental, intuitive and creative. These are entangled among people. On an individual level, humans have polarized into individuals that choose to be more mental and those that prefer to be emotional.

Mental-creative consciousness

This type of human usually works from his mental and creative consciousness. The mental body is required to language words and structure ideas coherently. Creative consciousness is not only about ideas but also on rounding up the energy required to bring the ideas into the physical. When you have a plan you need a functioning creative body to be able to select the means and methods to manifest it.

Mental-creative people usually exchange their emotional-intuitive parts with others.

Emotional-intuitive consciousness

This type of human feels and is sensitive, but has a difficult time to put their thoughts and feelings into words and to be coherent in their reasoning and logic. Since they often take on the emotions and intuitive parts of others they get confused, for they cannot distil their truth anymore from the scrambled information.

The ungrounded clairvoyant

Your dreamtime self has much knowledge of non-physical worlds that you are part of, including your parallel lives. If you want a stable and balanced contact with this part of you that makes any sense, you need to retrieve and repair the large gaps in your etheric body and repair and align all of your non-physical bodies.

Many clairvoyants have contact with their dreamtime self or have opened their telepathic channels, but did not heal and repair their subtle bodies. When they are not in alignment all the way down to the physical plane, you do not have your male rainbow colours to hold your boundaries and you may receive energetic blows and attacks from the non-physical that are not understood at all by your physicians and psychiatrists who operate from the physical plane in the third dimension.

Unconscious harm through all of us

Healers turn out to be very imbalanced themselves in this respect. When information from your dreamtime self or non-physical realms runs through your energy field without clear boundaries all the way to the physical body in the third dimension, unconscious energy flows may take the lead and you can become a conduit for information stripping that you would never consciously agree to. This is true for both regular specialists and physicians working in hospitals, and for alternative healers and therapists as well.


Players in groups come together to form energetic constellations that handle the flow in the group in a certain way. The energy dynamics in the groups you associate with, are a mirror for energy dynamics in your own unconscious, in the energetic constellation that you are as an individual.

So you may look at yourself first, then see what is going on in the groups or people you associate with, learn your lessons and adapt.

The following groups are your mirrors:
o Group physical body Buildings, physical bodies of individuals
o Group etheric bodies (include past ancestral lives)
Past experiences and patterns including mistakes will simply repeat if the group does not transmute and learn anything.
Related to the culture of a group, company or organization.
o Group emotional body
o Group mental body
o Group intuitive body
o Group creative body
o Group dreamtime self
(includes present parallel lives)
o Group planetary self
o Group multidimensional self

Shadows often take the lead

Though many directors of companies or heads of families would claim that they know what is going on in their organization or extended family, the consciousness in most groups is quite fractured and the unconscious takes the lead.

Voices in groups

When you are a member of a group, family or organization, you may have an intuitive body that senses the unconscious dynamics of the entire group. Some are really gifted at channelling group consciousness. This is how politicians get elected! If you can bring what you sense in alignment with your mental body while you are grounded, you can sense what is going on and detect trouble before it manifests in the physical. This ability has nothing to do with truth or integrity. As always, power can be used or abused. People can be included or exiled. Visions and conclusions of clairvoyants are also based on their thought forms. And we are all in this game together because they need repair.

Split in light and dark

If you are only channelling your dreamtime self while your lower frequencies are fractured and not aligned with your consciousness in the third dimension, you will sound like an oracle, mysterious or threatening, wise and knowing, but without much truth or relevant keys for others to go on or work with. You may sound very wise, while your actions in daily life show that you do not practise what you preach at all. The reason is that lowest vibrations have not transmuted any distorted thought forms at all. You are trying to leave your shadows behind.

Trying to move on
while leaving our shadows behind
is a thought form
that pervades our creations



Planetary consciousness in humans on planet earth is related to their DNA. DNA represents consciousness and thought form on a physical level. Human DNA is like the rainbows in human energy fields. Many tones of creation are missing. That means much information is missing and thought forms are in distortion.

If you look at DNA clairvoyantly it looks like an intricate rope. When consciousness and information on a DNA-level is lost, the DNA begins to fray. The rope looks frayed and some ropes have frayed so much that they cannot hold on to physicality much longer and will break or cause violence in the energy field of the person concerned.

The puzzle

In psychology and game theories the thought form behind the design of the game we are playing is called the puzzle method. If you want players to work together instead of compete with each other, the game designer makes sure that all players receive a piece of the puzzle. If anyone is left out, nobody else can win either. The whole game is like a labyrinth and the pieces from the puzzle form many keys that you all need to get out.

Adventure game

This game is played on many levels, like a computer adventure game. So when you escape one level you may find on the next level that you need to go back, because you forgot to collect one of your keys. When you are stuck, you need to find out who has your keys. Will you be ready to fight for keys and distort your thought forms even further? Or will you repair some of your thoughts, so some of your information and consciousness will return to you?

As many computer games remind us, this play is also about mechanization and cheating to move ahead instead of doing all the hard work yourself.

Invasion, inclusion, exclusion

In order for lawless souls to move from separation consciousness to unity consciousness, they must explore the concept of invasion. If your boundaries are not honoured, you feel invaded. When you begin to build your boundaries, you have to decide what to include and what to exclude on all levels of your existence. These are questions our philosophers have pondered for ages!

Foreign DNA: thought forms in need of repair

To symbolize different pieces of the puzzle, the script of this game tells us that many foreign planets once invaded earth. Each had their own agenda, each operated from different thought forms that are in need of repair.

So people on earth have DNA from many planets, mixed up in innumerable combinations. Each human on earth is a mixture of DNA that will manage the energy flow around him as his DNA commands. DNA is related to planetary consciousness, but most of us command our energy fields unconsciously.

Dissonant energy flow

This game is devised to become aware of the dynamics of your own DNA inside of you, as it is mirrored to you in your relations, the people that attract you and repel you, and the groups you are associated with. Among your own kind of people, you will have no trouble understanding each other or finding harmony. But what if energy flows clash? What if you do not understand each other and operate from an isolated island of consciousness within the whole? This is your challenge!

The Planets

Life on Earth: Game of mirrors