The game is played on three levels of consciousness:

1. Conscious level (responsibility, awareness, power and freedom)
2. Subconscious level (bionic: half aware and human, half mechanized)
3. Unconscious level (where you feel puppeted by others or are unconsciously puppeting others)

In association with time and space the players operate on 3 levels:

1. Individual level
2. Group level
3. Planetary level

Each individual, group and planet is split into

1. A non-physical or soul-level (creator and angelic consciousness that manages records and information in association with both non-physical energy flows and physical body)
2. A fractured level related to personality, identity and confusion that connects fractured soul to form; this is the bridge between the physical and non-physical that needs repair
3. A physical level connected to the body and life on the physical plane


Each of these fractured bits and pieces of the whole on all levels may be
1. In alignment with the goal of evolution or development without taking from others
2. In alignment with the goal of living at the expense of others which ends in consumption of the whole
3. In alignment with the goal of maintaining a minimum vibration to the best of your abilities

The scripts: Lessons on planet Earth

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