For the lawless souls that wished to move on in the ascension game, several holographic scripts were devised that would allow them to learn their lessons more quickly. A script is a holographic design that includes players in various roles to come together on the physical plane to act the script out and learn the lessons involved in each possible role.

When groups of people in the game attune to the same script, they create a consensus reality together. If others in the game attune to other scripts and have not learned to honour all players in the game, they will call this reality a fantasy or a cult.

The parasite within

If in this game you feel a victim, you blame viruses, bacteria, ticks, leeches, energy vampires that attack you from without. You are not ready to look for the parasite within, hiding in the shadows of your own unconscious.

When a computer virus collapses your entire system, this is a mirror for a false ascension that rolls you back in vibration to where you started and forces you to have a good look at yourself again. When you collapse in the physical, the mirror is the same. Use others as your mirror and look inside.

Transmutation of the parasite

As long as you believe you can move up in vibration by killing the many parasites that surround you or inside your body, you have not learnt your lesson and stay caught in your bandwidth. If you seek to protect yourself from without or to cut yourself away from those that seem harmful to you, you have not learnt your lesson yet.

This whole game was devised to transmute the parasite within. The lawless creator in you has sought to cut off parts of self that were in distortion and pushed all into your own unconscious. So you will continue to manipulate and feel manipulated as long as you seek to destroy the parasites around you or inside of you.

Let us stop trying to fix the mirror

The game of the guru has many scripts for starting a false ascension pattern that will allow you to move up in vibration at the expense of your surroundings. When you tune into one of these scripts, you also draw in with you the players who fail to look at their mechanization and lack of responsibility in their own lives. As one party accuses the other, both get a chance to look into their own unconscious mirrored back to them.

The players who learn to read the mirrors get their magic back, piece by piece. When the guru game starts, it is divided into those who do not see any mirrors at all and live like robots. They judge the players who wish to retrieve their truth and love and begin to repeat the patterns they know. In vain many try to repair the mirror.

Are we ready to face our shadows?

Those who designed this holographic game were no fools. The lawful aspects of all lawless souls were consulted and their insights applied in the design of this game to allow for the transmutation of lawless thought form.

We are here together to plunge into our own darkness
and transmute the parasite within, together.

This document was created by the game designers in collaboration with a group of higher selves on this planet, via the incarnation of Monique Spangenberg in 2005, who wrote the transmission down in English. The time to release it is now. Please share it with anyone who is ready and willing to receive these keys to the game. No one can claim the copyright to this document, because these keys are to be shared, not owned.
May our decisions on our way to harmlessness be wise.
July 24th 2020

Life on Earth: Game of mirrors