Unequal distribution of power and love

When the game begins the imbalanced patterning as a result of the distortions becomes visible on the game board. The result of the choices the players have made is that power and love are not distributed equally among all parts of the whole. Some get love, some get power, some get nothing at all and are consumed to feed other parts. This is not a happy and balanced situation at all!

The parasite within

On an unconscious level for most, the parasite within hides in your shadow. This parasite operates as a freeloader on different frequencies within your energy field. This is where you play the game of life without honouring the boundaries of others, where you fail to honour physical bodies on the physical plane. The magician in you or through your energy field commands the elements without love. He strips other parts of the whole of consciousness, love, information and power.

Unconscious sorcerers

Depending on your DNA and type of soul corruption, the black magician will be interested in power when you are engaged in unconscious energy wars with other people around you. Many players are unconscious sorcerers on the game board.

Misuse of power implies that you do not honour the boundaries of other life forms. This includes people, but also life forms, or this whole planet that we live on. T he underlying thought form is that you have the birth right to intrude or incorporate the energy supplies and information databases of other life forms for your own purposes.

The sorcerers on the game board operate through the collective unconscious or shadows of many, but this does not mean that all sorcerers are unconscious of what they are doing. What are they after?

1. They harvest life force
Companies, nations and cultures harvest life force from their underpaid worker bees and replace them when their batteries are empty. Individual players may harvest life force from their partner or people around them, so they look young and attractive. This is what the pharaohs of ancient Egypt did.

2. They harvest information
The ancient sorcerers in our ancestry abused information on physical plane law. Through the shadows, they designed pathways for illegal transfer of information from one energy field to another, from one group of people to another. The misuse of this information and these energetic highways enable them to manipulate others. This is ultimately about power.

On earth this cumulated in a terrible war among sorcerer schools where people ended up killing each other in energetic attacks. Through severe abuse of the elements, the information on transfiguration, teleportation, levitation, telepathy, vision as evolutionary tools for responsible creators fractured into pieces.

All players in this game as descendants of these ancient sorcerers or as descendants of the original information may still retain fragments of this information in their DNA. The sorcerers will try to harvest all information on physical plane manifestation that players begin to use with integrity.

3. They harvest tones of creation
Some players on the game board have retained enough of their truth and integrity to be able to produce some bright tones and colours. These people are called the truth bearers, star seeds, lightworkers, enlightened ones and much more.

Their tones of creation including vibrations of love are much desired by false prophets, would be lightworkers, manipulators, gurus, masters of illusion, twilight masters, projectors of fantasies who are in distortion but wish to appear light. They steal these colours to patch themselves up with, to dress themselves in the truth of others so that other players will not see through their veils of illusion.

4. They dump their shadows
In exchange for life force, information and bright tones of creation, players get shadows dumped into their energy fields that do not belong to them. This confuses them or may even kill them.

The game was devised in such a way that it is difficult to attach any shadow to you unless part of your own shadow matches the vibration of the shadow attached. This is what makes it hard for all players in the game to distinguish between their own shadow and the shadows of others attached to them. This explains why many players prefer to see what does not belong to them.

Some struggle to integrate what cannot be integrated; others continue to disown the whole lot including what does belong to them.

5. They modulate frequencies
Depending on the sorcerers agendas, players may lose all of their information and energy. Or they will be fed just enough so they can continue to produce life force or bright tones for others. Or they will be entangled to prevent them from discovering their own true colours. Scrambling information so that many players become confused is a favourite strategy of shadow consciousness players.


Life on Earth: Game of mirrors