In this consensus reality game on earth most have agreed to call the truth of another a belief. When this truth has been adopted and is not your own, spells are required to keep these beliefs in place in your field. They will be dogmatic and rigid. You can also call them etheric machines like computer software programs. The black magicians that operate in all commercial and spiritual organizations will spell the belief into your field that you need something physical or non-physical that you no not really need at all.

Beliefs are dogmatic and mechanized, while your genuine truth moves freely and vibrates as one of your natural tones of creation. These tones make your body sing on a cellular level and cause you to move spontaneously.

Split light and dark

Working with many beliefs that are not your truth will cause you to push even more of your truth into your unconscious. If you refuse to evolve in this game you will wear yourself out or fall victim to one or more of the energy vampires that surround you. If you choose to evolve by taking the tones of creation of others, you try to lift yourself out of your darkness by leaving your shadow behind.

None of this works! If it goes on long enough you may split yourself in two and break down. We speak of a burn out if it relates to exhaustion, and of schizophrenia if your consciousness has separated from your physical body completely so that you only tune into non-physical planes of reality and lost touch with your physical realities.

Ancestral consciousness

Each player has many beliefs and memories stored in their body and energy field on subconscious and unconscious levels. They affect your life while you may not be aware of this. Hidden fears or past trauma may direct your behaviour on the physical plane. Some call this consciousness trapped in your body. Or ancestral contracts and agreements, related to the drama and trauma of your ancestors and your DNA. Others call it parallel life consciousness or previous lives, or cultural programming, or brainwashing by parents or family traditions, races, religion, nations or continents. It does not really matter how you prefer to call these tones of creation that are in distortion or unbalanced and part of your energy systems.

Your life: a hologram

These false notes are stored in your hologram and get woven into your energy fields and physical body. It is non-moving, muddy or sticky energy that is waiting to be transformed into your own true colours.

Polarized healers

Cheaters allow their black magician to puppet them from their unconscious. They choose mechanized healing and visit a therapist. They ask: will you please remove my dark colours and replace them with beautiful bright colours instead? These magicians on the physical plane are polarized into the regular doctors and specialists in hospitals, who operate from the physical; and the new age therapists operating on an etheric and energetic level.

Doctors and surgeons remove the dark colours and now they appear gone. Psychologists reprogram their clients so they appear healed. Healers and psychics use their power to move the dark energy from one place to another and steal the colours of others to replace them with.

Since this is all mechanized healing nothing gets transformed. The muddy and brighter tones of creation are only pushed around. You can call this a reorganization to heal your body or company without transmutation. No lessons are learned, no pattern is recognized and changed or adapted. In this way you do not retrieve enough consciousness to really start healing yourself on any level.

The black magician in the shadow

All players in the game will experience parts of their own shadow pushed into their energy field. How will you handle this? Since you as a player also operate on subconscious and unconscious levels, you may or may not be in a fantasy about yourself. This is where the mirrors come in handy. This is why you need your friends and enemies to mirror back your own patterning to you.

All players tend to recognize the black magician in others before they recognize him in themselves.

Shadow management and rainbow building

Your shadow is a part of the collective shadow of humanity. If you suspect it may be yours, it is subconscious. If you have no idea, then it is part of your unconscious. When you begin to acknowledge a shadow part as your own, it moves from your unconscious into your subconscious.

From there you can begin to retrieve consciousness, power and responsibility. You can begin to piece together information from your own past experiences on this shadow part of you. This can go on until you are ready to embrace it in full and integrate it.

A giant shadow

Many players get frightened when they begin to sense how huge the shadow consciousness of humanity is. They may try to push it back, deny that it is theirs or feel so overwhelmed by it that they go into terror on a physical level.

The black magicians that operate from these shadows of humanity will try to frighten you back when you enter the twilight zone and go look for the shadow parts that belong to you. Another favourite trick is to persuade you to accept a shadow part that actually belongs to someone else. They have good reason to do this. For you cannot integrate a shadow part that does not belong to you. You may work and work, sweat and sweat, trying to repair the pattern of distortion that only resembles your own.

Time and space

As you begin to retrieve consciousness and piece yourself together in this game, you become more vulnerable. You will need to reorganize yourself from within, which will affect your life circumstances in many ways.

To find lost pieces of self, you may have to travel back in time into your own childhood, teenage years or adulthood. You may seek out friends and enemies that you exchanged parts of yourself with. You may suddenly find yourself in an ancestral scene in your ancestral past or future.

Where and when did you lose your power or no longer trusted yourself anymore? When did you close your heart, or tried to open it and got all beaten up so bad that you decided not to try this again? These are key questions that you will answer on many levels as you play this game.

Game levels

Life on Earth: Game of mirrors