Frequency and vibration

Each player in the game has the responsibility to manage his level of frequency and his own vibration to the best of his ability. If you do not manage it consciously, this will be done for you through others and through your own unconscious.

Frequency is related to wavelength, bandwidths and dimensions. Vibration is related to the individual sounds and colours that each player produces. Your vibration is related to your own truth, DNA, the choices you make on an individual level and the groups you associate with. These vibrations operate on certain frequencies. So two players who operate on the same frequencies will produce their individual vibrations of music. If they are also working on the same thought forms and issues in sound and colour, you could say they operate in the same vibrational bandwidth.


The word has a religious context for many players, but it can also be read as an equivalent for development which leads to a rise in vibration and frequency. The purpose of this game including all scripts is to learn about evolution and development so that you can begin to produce your own truth and colours, without taking anything from others. This is the tricky part of the game, for there are two ways of moving up in vibration:

1. Biological or natural ascension
This is a way of moving up in vibration while you leave none of your shadows behind. It implies the restoration of integrity to your physical body including the lowest or densest frequencies. It implies opening your unconscious and integrating each and every bit of it.

2. False or mechanical ascension
If you begin to cheat, which is quite likely in the game we are playing together, you will appear to move up in vibration because you cut off or dissociate from your densest vibrations. For humans on earth this implies that you try to leave your dense physical body and darkest shadows behind. You focus on love and light consciousness or fantasies which may or may not be physical in nature. Methods for false ascension range from unconscious escapism to deliberate cheating. Cheating implies stealing, copying, multiplying of information that does not belong to you.

Vibrational level and consciousness

Contempt for low or dense vibrations will easily result in contempt for your physical body. You will experience the enemy without and become a victim, rather than go inside and face the enemy or parasite within. All scripts will replay in many versions until your shadows begin to grow and inflate themselves. Then your shadows begin to consume your consciousness.

A healthy physical body is what all players require to keep a minimum level of vibration to hold their consciousness. By neglecting physical needs or when you become ill, you may drop in vibration so much, that you are no longer able to hold much consciousness.

Your level of vibration determines how much consciousness you can hold in relation to your body.

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