Several grand holographic scripts were devised in this game in relation to the lessons that lawless souls did not understand. These scripts first repeat their lawless behaviour in which they do not honour self or the consensus that they live in.

When players get into trouble, they may receive new insights into the lessons of honouring physical in relation to non-physical creation. If not, the same script repeats in countless versions until they begin to see the pattern.

Shadow isolation

Creation of waste containment facilities
Level of honour: -1

Distorted thought form: If something is in distortion, I can repair this by isolating and removing that which does not function properly, until hopefully I find out what is wrong. Perhaps someone else knows how to repair this.

Examples: prisons, radioactive waste kept in isolation.

Shadow denial

Attempt to blow up, erase, burn, hide, cover up, cut off or destroy what does not function well or appears to consume the whole
Level of honour: - 2

Distorted thought form:
If I hide the distortion, nobody knows and I need not feel responsible. What remains looks healthy and I will not try to repair the distortion in any other way. I dissociate from the freeloader or parasite; he is not a part of me.

Examples: Death sentences, hiding radioactive waste on the bottom of the ocean, removing a tumour through surgery

Shadow abuse

Misuse of the distorted parts to dominate, fight or control other distorted parts that you feel are also in distortion. Use distorted parts as containers of even more distorted parts.
Level of honour: -3

Distorted thought form:
Since this part is no good, why not use another distorted, consumptive or parasitic part to get rid of it. Hopefully this keeps my problem within boundaries while I do not have to do any of the dirty work. Maybe the parasite will even solve the problems that I cannot handle and do not understand myself.

Examples: Import a natural enemy of an animal that plagues a region to solve the imbalance in nature, creating even more imbalance in the end. Use a virus to kill another virus. Allow members of mafia organizations to kill each other.

Join the shadow

Begin to side with the parasites because nothing else seems to work. If you cannot beat them, join them!
Level of honour: -4

Distorted thought form:
Since all is a corrupt mess anyway, I had better find a way to survive. If I do not participate in the corrupt practices, I am short changing myself. My powerful friends make me give up my integrity and this may bother me, but I have no choice. This is a jungle and nobody can blame me for trying to survive, can they?

Example: Become a corrupt citizen. Cheat in insurance practices. Try to move up in pyramidal structures at the expense of the worker bees without remorse.

Total corruption

Become a parasite, keep your heart closed so no information on the pain of others can get in. Enjoy the wealth, power and freedom gained at the expense of others or the planet you live on.
Level of honour: -5

Distorted thought form:
All is lost, this is a wild jungle, all we can do is patch up from the outside and use fractured bits that do not fit together to make a whole. Consume yourself from within. Corruption rules. If you have power, you use it to gain more wealth at the expense of others.

Example: terminal diseases on a body level. A soldier that turns into a heartless killer during a war on a group level. Dropping of atomic bombs on a planetary level.

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